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Bucharest Inside the Beltway is a Romanian and American arts and culture collective. In December 2013 BiB was born in Washington DC. BiB was officially launched at the Romanian Embassy to the United States June 2014 and then launched in Romania in Carol 53 October of 2014. Since then BiB has produced sold-out shows in the Capital Fringe Festival, DC Black Theatre Festival and the Source Theatre, hosted Romanian dancer Paul Cimpoieru at the Goethe Institute and has organized a spoken word poetry evening at Carol 53 in Bucharest. Now based in Denver, Colorado, BiB looks forward to working with local artists and the Romanian community to once again "bring the fearlessness of Bucharest" to the United States of America. Cristina A. Bejan serves as BiB Artistic Director (Denver) and Rucsandra as BiB Artistic Director (Bucharest).

For all inquiries, please contact Cristina A. Bejan:


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@2019 Cristina A. Bejan

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