Cristina A. Bejan

Finalist for the 2021 MSU Denver Faculty Senate Teaching Award

"Your passion for your discipline and your desire to share that passion with your students [is] obvious ... You are truly an inspiring professor."


Metropolitan State University of Denver to Prof. Bejan

As a history professor, Bejan has taught at Georgetown University (as the Ion Rațiu Teaching Fellow), Duke University, UNC-Greensboro, Wake Technical Community College and is now affiliate faculty at Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver). She has presented her research at numerous international conferences. Her writing and research interests include totalitarianism and genocide in Europe, South Asia and Africa. Prior to committing to a career in teaching, Bejan worked as a researcher at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for four years.


Bejan contributed 64 articles to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos Vol. 3. In 2019 she published her first book Intellectuals and Fascism in Romania: The Criterion Association (Palgrave Macmillan) and she has started working on two projects entitled The Romanian National Theatre Under Totalitarianism and Victims of Colonialism - Africa and the Holocaust. She has also been asked to write the biography of University of Chicago professor and Romanian historian of religions Mircea Eliade, an offer she has accepted.


History of Modern Europe

History of the Islamic World

20th Century European History

History of Germany WWI - WWII

World History before 1500 (Ancient)

World History after 1500 (Modern)

The Enlightenment

The Failure of Liberalism and the Rise of Dictatorship in 20th C Romania

Romanian Cultural Greats of the 20th Century

Honors Program - Honors Thesis Supervisor

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